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A Guide to CBD Oil

Before discussing online CBD sources, we should state at the onset that there is a big difference between hemp oil for cannabidoil or CBD.

Hemp and marijuana are often mistaken as the same but they are not. There are low levels of THC in hemp. THC is mostly responsible for the psychological effects in marijuana. THC also acts much like cannbinoid chemicals naturally produced by the body. Certain areas of the brain have these cannabinoid receptors which are associated with thinking, memory, pleasure, coordination and time perception. There is a similarity between CBD and THC and because of this THC is able to attach to molecules called cannabinoid receptors on neurons in the brain areas to activate them and this disrupts various mental and physical functions after these neurotransmitters send a chemical message between nerve cells throughout the nervous system.

THC levels in hemp oil are very low, as was already stated earlier. The confusion between hemp oil and marijuana laws can be seen in the medical marijuana laws passed by states allowing the use of marijuana strains that are low in THC but high in CBD. Consumers are also confused between hemp oil and CBD oil thinking that they are one and the same thing because they are both low in THC and they both contain CBD.
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Therefore, with hemp research and development taking off and the hemp retail market growing at an incredible rate, it is crucial that consumers and retailers alike understand the difference between hemp oil and CBD extracts.
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Though hemp oil does contain low levels of CBD, CBD “extracts” are produced either directly from cannabis flowers or indirectly as a co-product of the flowers and leaves that are mixed in with the stalks during hemp stalk processing for fiber. In other words, there are now many mislabeled products labelled as hemp oil that are derivative to products of large-scale hemp stalk and fiber processing facilities in Europe where the fiber is the primary material produced at a large scale.

When CBD oil is produced, there are three procedures that are used. First, they obtain CBD oil by letting CO2 pass through the plant at high pressure and low temperatures. Or through ethanol method where CBD can be extracted using a high-grain alcohol. The last method uses a carrier oil to extract CBD. In this process, the most commonly used oil is olive oil.

Reading the label carefully and going for its strength is the best way to buy CBD from online sources. While hemp oil has beneficial properties of its own, when buying CBD products it is the concentration and the volume of CBD in it that matters.