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Four Reasons Loose Leaf Teas Are Better Than Teabags Tea is a one of the most popular drinks in this planet, ranking only second to water in consumption. You may already have heard of the numerous health benefits of teas, its anti-oxidant properties perhaps the most notable. Compared to coffee, tea contains lower caffeine content, making it safer to drink in copious amounts. A number of benefits of tea are however lost in how we mostly consume tea these days–using tea bags. While tea bags may be more convenient to use, loose tealeaves have too many advantages to ignore. Here are several reasons you might consider ditching teabags for loose leaf tea, whether you like the white, green or black variety. Flavors
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In the process of making tea bags, whole leaves are crashed into small particles known as dust and fannings. Due to the higher surface area to volume ratio of these particles, the freshness of the teas will be lost quickly. As the tea particles are exposed to oxygen and mostly, the quality of the tea is rapidly reduced. This means a number of beneficial nutrients, as well as flavors, are lost way before you purchase the teabag. Expert tea brewers apparently don’t like teabags for this reason.
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You might find some teabags in the market made with whole leaf tea, but these are the exception, not the rule. While tea bags may be considered more convenient, the quality of tea in there isn’t always of the highest grade. Lower caffeine levels A study conducted in America in 1996 found that more caffeine is extracted in tea bags that loose leaves. This makes the tea taste bitter, in addition to some flavors being lost. It’s important to note that unlike coffee, tea’s main benefits are not to do with caffeine. So the best teas, especially loose green teas, are healthy to drink in larger amounts than coffee. Many experts often recommend two or three cups of tea per day. More calming One other notable quality of loose teas is that they contain more theanine, a compound that promotes higher levels of calmness and concentration. So if you want to feel more of the relaxing effects of tea, loose leaves are the better. Value for money Since loose leaf tea leaves can be infused several times, they offer better value for money. With tea bags, the infusion is restricted to the size of the bag, and since the tea has a higher surface are to volume ration, it’s difficult to re-use a tea bag. Loose tea leaves, however, can be re-infused up to three to six times, depending on the tea quality. This reduces the actual cost per serving, making loose teas less expensive overall.