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Some Background Info about Medical Marijuana

Few may not know it that for thousands of years, medical marijuana has been used for treatment. This plant had been identified in countries of ancient China, India, Middle East and also America as having the medicinal properties that can treat some sickness. With the passing of the Stamp Act in the 1920s in the United States, this herb had been used in common. Today, the use of medical marijuana is used by patients who are suffering illnesses like asthma, AIDS, cancer and other sicknesses.

Marijuana, or scientifically known as cannabis sativa, is an herb that grows in temperate climates. Even before young people and culture activist were experimenting this herb, there were many Asian countries already who had been using long this medicinal plant. The Chinese were one of the earliest people documented to have used this herb as a medicinal plant. It was Emperor Shen-Nuan who documented the therapeutic use of the medicinal marijuana in the 28th century, and it was documented that the herb treated malaria, constipation, rheumatism, gout and other related sicknesses.

There are a variety of ways that a medical marijuana can be used. Some physicians would prepare medicinal marijuana as a liquid for drinking. Some health professionals would prefer the herb to be eaten as more effective. Smoking is the common means for sick people to get the medicinal property of the herb and be healed. Crushing the weed and use it as ointment is also another method used by some marijuana doctors.
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Nowadays, legalization of marijuana has reached its height with California’s passage of the Prop 215, and with this, several medicinal marijuana stores are set up by residents. The state has also several vending machines for medicinal marijuana all over the state. If you have a cannabis card or medicinal marijuana card, you can already legally buy from outlets selling medicinal marijuana in the state of California To get this card, a Californian must receive a marijuana evaluation by any one of the marijuana doctors in the state.
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It is easy to open a medical marijuana dispensary in California. Because of this, there are many medical marijuana centers that are set up where licenses can be issued.

A patient has to have a recommendation from a doctor, specifying that he or she will benefit from medical marijuana because of the person’s illness. For as long as the physicians are not involved in the distribution or production of the drug, they are protected from federal prosecution. So far, with the thousands of doctors recommending marijuana under the state medical marijuana laws, not one has been punished by the federal government.

Due to fear o prosecution or lack of knowledge about the herb, that some general practitioners will not be willing to provide patients with the recommendation.