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Which Type of Belt Should You Pick?

Most people own at least two different belts. And since they are so useful, why wouldn’t want a belt? You can do a lot of different things with a belt. They can hold up your pants, cinch your dress together, and they also make a statement about who you are. Belt buckles, in particular, say quite a bit about the person you are. If you have come to this article because you need to buy a new belt, you have definitely come to the right place. When you are finished with the article, you might know quite a bit more about how to buy a belt.

The first thing you should know about belts and belt buckles is that bigger is not always better. This means that your boss’ wedding might not be the best place to debut your giant Las Vegas belt buckle. If you want to make sure you do not offend your host, stick with a plain metal belt buckle. But if your goal is to get the conversation started at your next holiday party, then by all means, wear the biggest belt buckle you can find. The level of formality at a celebration or gathering should have a direct influence on the belt you wear.

Another important point about belts for formal events is that they are typically black or brown in color. It is true that women are sometimes allowed to wear different colored belts, but men do not have this luxury in most cases. Even a neutral color like brown can be frowned upon at very formal affairs. So before you decide to wear your old comfort belt, it is a good idea to consider your other options.
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If you need to buy a new outfit for a special event, you should take your intended belt with you. Finding clothes that coordinate with your belt is extremely important. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that black matches everything, because there are several different tones of black that you need to think about. A lot of people make this mistake because they do not compare all of their outfit and accessories before their event. Another reason to bring your belt with you is that you can see hold well it fits into the belt loops on the pants.
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You can already see that there is more to choosing a belt than you originally thought. And new belt styles come along frequently, like the men’s ratchet belt, for example. The ratchet belt buckle mimics the type of belt commonly used on roller coasters. Instead of having to make new holes in your old belt, you can adjust the ratchet belt buckle to your exact size, no matter how much that changes over time. Certain styles of this belt are even leather and would fit in at any formal event. With a men’s ratchet belt, your pants will always fit well.