Doing Deadbolts The Right Way

Methods of Installing a Deadbolt Lock If you are planning to invest or perhaps already invested on a deadbolt lock, then to have them installed accordingly is a priority and the contents that we have in this article should give you a better comprehension on what to do first, next, and throughout until completion. Right off the bat, you will want to check the manufacturer’s template because most of the manufacturers of deadbolt locks have a template for you to follow. In most cases, these are designed in a way that they will fit to most of the varieties of door’s thickness and whatnot because there will be reference points or marks that you can simply follow respectively to help you in making sure that you will be installing the deadbolt lock at the right places. The soonest that you have the markings placed accordingly, you will then want to start cutting holes as per the marks that you had placed with the use of the template. Keep in mind that you will have to opt for the right tools as well and using a hole saw for such task will most likely be the best equipment for the purpose. It also is important that you will have to worry about not having to deal with too much splinters and one way for you to effectively achieve such goal is if you will look into how thick the door is because generally speaking, the soonest that the pilot bit goes through the opposite side of the door, to continue such from the other side should help. Make sure that you will opt to use a 1 1/2 ” space bit for such purpose to ensure that the hole will be drilled accurately.
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Once you have the holes drilled in place, dry-fit the bolt right into the hole and trace the area around the faceplate. So that you will be able to mortise the surrounding area, make sure that you will use chisel as this is the only tool that should fit perfectly for such purpose as the moment. So that you will be able to recess the faceplate, tap the tool deep enough and to have the rounded corners mortised accordingly, a smaller chisel should do the trick.
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When you are done with such, make sure that you will use a bolt to have the door screwed and secured. To have the thumb lever and the cylinder plate installed is what should come after next. To do so, dry-fit these things and you should then have a good indication on how to fit the pieces altogether. Set the interior piece accordingly and align the screw holes respectively as well so you will then have the chance to mount the holes inside. Mark the end of the bolt of the door and then close it. Turn the deadbolt a few more times and you should then see two overlapping holes in the doorframe and by using a space bit, drill these things accordingly. Once done, make sure that you will mortise the surrounding area so you will have the strike plate to fit in perfectly and screw them in place.